Grand Canyon Vacation Home Rentals Limousine Service

Limousine Packages

Grand Canyon Vacation Home Rentals is committed to your complete vacation experience. 

Well known for its geologic importance, the Grand Canyon is one of the most studied geologic landscapes in the world. It offers an excellent record of three of the four eras of geological time.

The Grand Canyon is considered one of the finest examples of arid-land erosion in the world.

Enjoy your stay and leave the driving to us!

Limousine Packages 

With three Limousine Packages, we offer our guests; you can experience the perfect vacation destination!

 Stay with us and receive: 

Transportation to and from Las Vegas Airport  - $400.00

Transportation to and from Flagstaff Airport  $100.00

Transportation tours around the Grand Canyon  $70.00 per hour

     Car Rentals $50.00 per day  

        (must show proof of insurance upon rental)


  • Explore millions of years geological history and wildlife
  • Stop at the magnificent Hoover Dam
  • See the natural beauty of the American Southwest
  • Visit the world famous SKYWALK overlooking millions of years of geological history